27 January 2012

No.11 (genealogy worldwide)

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  • The Christmas Letter: did you file a copy with your genealogy documents? You should!

  • Climbing The Spiral Staircase. Whether you are an experienced family historian or a beginner, you will appreciate the tips/reminders in this great article.

  • The Big Genealogy Blog Book by Amy Coffin. I downloaded this and can recommend it.

  • Ancestors in Bohemia, Moravia or Silesia? See Czech Genealogy for Beginners.

  • SAGHS have permission to put South Australian birth, death and marriages indexes on the Internet.

  • Online surveys from which I earn money. You can too!

  • Australia's Missing Newspapers: Libraries need your help. Is there a pile of old newspapers under your bed, in your shed or under the floorboards?