17 October 2012

No.18 (genealogy worldwide)

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  • Queensland Births, Deaths and Marriages:  Digital images of historical registers.

  • Gazetteer of British Place Names:  This exhaustive Place Name Index to Great Britain, with more than 50,000 entries, lists the historic county and the main administrative areas in which each place lies. Read the notes before using the Gazetteer.

  • Society of Australian Genealogists manuscripts index:  It is worthwhile checking this online index periodically. In the Primary Records Collection I found handwritten genealogical notes provided by my great-great-grandfather's sister in about 1900. Without those notes I would still be stuck on 'Thomas WEBSTER, born London c.1824'.

  • FindMyPast:  It is now possible to buy a Worldwide subscription to FindMyPast through their British site. (I heard about this via my favourite genealogy newsletter, LostCousins. However I have since been told that the Australian site's World subscription appears to be cheaper.)


Judy Webster said...

I have just been told that at current exchange rates a World subscription through FindMyPast's Australian site appears to be cheaper. I am awaiting advice as to whether both sites really give access to the same records.

Judy Webster said...

Feedback received from LostCousins:

Judy, thanks for forwarding that email. Findmypast haven't officially launched the World subscription at their UK site - you'll notice there's nothing about it on their news page or in their blog - so it's inevitable that there are one or two glitches, and indeed the aim of a 'soft' launch is to iron them out before sending out press releases etc.

However if you follow the link I provided you can see clearly what each subscription provides. It's many years since I've had any credits for findmypast, so I wasn't aware of the issue re credits until another member pointed it out last week, but I suspect very few people will be affected, since it's fairly unusual to have both a Full subscription and credits.

Currently the cost of a World subscription through the UK site is indeed about $4 more than through the Australian site, but it wasn't the price that got me excited about the fact that it was finally possible to buy this subscription at findmypast.co.uk... it's the fact that one can still search the UK records using the old-style search that most of us are very familiar with, and which I believe is far more effective than the filtering approach used for the records from the rest of the world.

Filtering may be the way of the future, but given the widespread antipathy to the new FamilySearch site, which uses the same system, I believe that most researchers prefer the more traditional system where you start by deciding what records you want to search.

By all means quote my comments if you feel they will be useful for others.

Peter (http://lostcousins.com/)

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