My Blogs

Some of my blogs cover specific geographical regions - but don't let that stop you from reading them, because record offices throughout the world often hold similar material.
  • Genealogy Leftovers - Information of general interest to genealogists worldwide, or those with interests in Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Africa, Europe etc. This is where I put the 'leftovers' that do not fit into my three locality-specific blogs for Queensland, the United Kingdom & Australia, and Yorkshire.

  • Updates Genie - Brief genealogy news and tips from all over the world. This has replaced my email newsletter.

  • UK / Australia Genealogy - Advice on sources and research techniques for genealogy in the United Kingdom and Australia, plus references to specific individuals. If your ancestor had a brother, sister or cousin who emigrated, Australian records (including very informative death certificates) may give family details that are not available in the UK.

  • Queensland Genealogy - This is about family history research in Queensland, Australia. There are articles about sources, problem-solving research techniques, interesting items at Queensland State Archives and elsewhere, and specific individuals (some of whom are mentioned in very unexpected sources).

  • Yorkshire Genealogy - Advice about family history research in Yorkshire, England. There are also specific references to Yorkshire-born folk, some of whom who emigrated to Australia. Australian records (including very informative death certificates) may give details that are not available in the UK.

  • Outback Story - This historical account of outback Queensland is the story of my father's life, told in his own words. My grandfather, a horse-breaker for Cobb and Co., acquired (by ballot) a grazing property south of Cunnamulla. Dad's stories are about growing up in the bush during the 1920s (daily routines, games, education, special occasions, health and home remedies, social events, community attitudes etc), the Great Depression, the Second World War, changes in domestic technology, etc.

  • Jottings, Journeys and Genealogy - This is about my own family history, and about my life, my travels and the things that make me happy.

  • 'Genealogists for Families' project - Genealogists worldwide, plus family and friends, are working as a team to help families and small businesses in low income areas. The project's motto is, 'We care about families (past, present and future).' Please join us!