3 October 2011

No.9 (genealogy worldwide)

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  • Keeping the Memory Alive:  Genealogists for Families is a story about family history, good deeds and continuing the work of our loved ones via Kiva. Be sure to read the comments.

  • Generous Genealogists:  Quoting from the article Generous Genealogists: 'It would be lovely if this team could grow to include genealogists from around the world and to become a family tradition for all of our families.' Again, be sure to read the comments.

  • Free Ancestry searches:  From 1st-15th Oct 2011, a different collection will become available for free each day, and remain free until 15th October. The collections are for Australia (electoral rolls), England and Wales (1901 census and 1916-2005 birth index), Ireland (Griffith’s Valuation), USA, Canada, Germany and Sweden. For full details see Ancestry's blog.

  • Multiple searches:  Audrey Collins explains why you must use all versions of what appears to be the same index or database.

  • Timelines:  To understand your family history in the context of local, national or world events, use timelines such as those at Timelines of History.

  • Queensland news is in today's edition of Queensland Genealogy.

  • Interesting reading:  Britain's first Railwaywomen.

  • Other tips are on my Twitter page.


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