23 June 2012

No.14 (genealogy worldwide)

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  • Qld State Archives:  In the Public Search Room at Qld State Archives, records retrieval staff now collect request slips every half hour, on the half hour.

  • Genealogy Expo:  At next week's History and Genealogy Expo in Brisbane, I am speaking about 'Black Sheep and Vanishing Relatives' at 3:30pm on Tuesday. I will be an exhibitor on all three days, but I will also go to some of the talks. If you want to see me, please note that my booth (near the Research Help Zone) will be unattended on Tuesday afternoon, and for up to an hour at various other times.

  • Genealogy and the Law:  Lots of great advice from a genealogist with a law degree.

  • Genealogy cruises:  Unlock the Past invites you to do a quick survey about genealogy conferences on cruises. I have previously written about my experience on their first cruise.


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