17 March 2016

No.40 (genealogy news and discounts worldwide)

Cover of book by Chris Paton (Discover Irish Land Records)
Book by Chris Paton
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  • Irish land records:   Paul Milner has written a comprehensive review of Chris Paton's book Discover Irish Land Records.

  • FindMyPast discounts:   Until midnight 17 Mar 2016 you can get a 1-month World subscription at FindMyPast for just $1, or you can get 20% off a 12-month World subscription. To find out about future discounts, go to Genealogy Discounts and Freebies, click the bar marked 'Receive email when this page changes', and follow the instructions. Select 'daily' as the frequency (not 'weekly') so you don't miss short-term offers that last less than a week.

  • My other sites:   You do NOT need to join Facebook or Twitter to read my genealogy tips there. If a pop-up window appears, just close it or press 'Esc' on your keyboard. When I hear about discounts and freebies for genealogy, I mention them first on my Facebook page or my Twitter page.

  • 1939 Register:   A 12-month Britain or World subscription to FindMyPast now gives you unlimited free access to the 1939 Register for England and Wales (including images of the original documents).

  • Pastoral runs:   The Queensland State Archives Web site now has an index to rents payable on pastoral runs 1860-1911.

  • Toowoomba seminar:   On Sat. 2 Apr 2016 I'm giving two talks to members of Toowoomba & Darling Downs Family History Society ('Not Just the Patient: how hospital and asylum records tell the story of a family' and 'Ancestors who Moved or Vanished'). For more details see my 'Talks' page.

  • Cairns seminar:   The two talks I'm giving at Cairns Library on Sat. 16 Apr 2016 are 'Scallywags, Scoundrels and Vanishing Relatives' and 'Researching Illegitimate Children'. For more details see my 'Talks' page.

  • Handouts from my talks:   If you were on Unlock the Past's genealogy conference/cruise (Barrier Reef, March 6th-13th) and want a free copy of the handouts from my first two talks, email me at the address shown on my Web site, quoting your name and town as shown in the '11th Unlock the Past cruise group' list. There was no handout for my third talk ('Researching Illegitimate Children') because there is already a mini-guide.

  • Wednesday's Webpage:   The Wednesday's Webpage for Genealogy series will resume next week, but if the level of interest doesn't increase, it may be discontinued.

  • Recommended reading:   5 Tips for Finding Women's Obituaries, by Amy Johnson Crow.

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