11 May 2011

No.3 (genealogy worldwide)

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  • Genealogy conferences:  Whether you are organising a conference or thinking about going to one, you will find useful tips in recent articles about attending genealogy conferences and speaking at genealogy events. You are welcome to add comments below each article.

  • WorldConnect family trees:  CeCe Moore (My Tangled Vine) refers to many ways in which Google is useful for genealogy. She also says that many researchers with well-documented family trees do not put them on Ancestry, but they do put them on Rootsweb. Names from Rootsweb's WorldConnect trees are included in Google search results. Those on pay-to-view sites are not.

  • Can you identify these photos?  They are mainly from Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.

  • New index to immigrants 1922-1940:  The latest addition to indexes on the Qld State Archives Web site is an index to immigrants 1922-1940. Note, though, that you will usually find extra information in a different series of records. To find those records, search for (1) the person's name in the CARD index to immigrants, and (2) the ship's name in the CARD index to ships. The card indexes are in the Public Search Room at the Archives.

  • Genealogy seminar at Townsville:  On Sat. 18th June I am giving two talks in Townsville: 'Who Else is Researching Your Family?' and 'My Favourite Archival Sources'. Admission is free. For more details, see my 'talks' Web page.

  • NSW probate records:  Another 30,000 probate packets have been listed in Archives Investigator.

  • London history:  Interesting articles in the London Historians blog may provide background and historical context for your ancestors' lives.

  • Indexes for Wales:  The National Library of Wales has put indexes to wills, gaol records and marriage licences on the Internet.

  • New Zealand:  New Zealand military records have been released on FindMyPast and Ancestry.

  • Wanted:  One of my clients wants to buy Queensland birth death and marriage indexes 1915-1919 on microfiche. If you can help, email me and quote a price including postage in Australia.

  • Recommended reading:  Profiling Your Ancestors.
Some of these tips are from other people, as shown on my Twitter page.


Your Genetic Genealogist said...

Funny I just noticed that you mentioned me way back in May in this post and now we are team members! :-)

Judy Webster said...

Yes, CeCe, it's an interesting coincidence. Thanks for joining the Genealogists for Families team.

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