29 May 2011

No.4 (genealogy worldwide)

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  • New index:  Index to Gregson and Weight Funeral Records 1972-2010. Burials and funeral services that took place all over the world (Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Fiji, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands) are listed in these Queensland records.

  • Genealogy Expo at Coffs Harbour:  On Fri. 3rd and Sat. 4th June 2011 Unlock the Past (with the support of local organisations) is holding a genealogy Expo at C-ex Coffs, Vernon St, Coffs Harbour NSW, with 31 talks and over 50 exhibitors. Talks that I have heard previously and particularly recommend include DNA for Genealogists (Kerry FARMER), Social Media for Family Historians (Carole RILEY), Society of Australian Genealogists: how its treasures will help your family history (Heather GARNSEY), German Research (Eric KOPITTKE), and various talks by Shauna HICKS. Another talk that is likely to be very popular is Helen SMITH's Breaking Down Genealogy Brick Walls. This is quite different from the talk I sometimes give, as Helen focuses mainly on strategies rather than sources.


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